Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Inspiration can come in many forms. Today, as a marched dutifully to class, I did a whiplash double-take at the pedestrian passing me. Her khaki shorts happened to be the exact color of her skin and, having been wedged so far between her thighs, it looked like this girl was wearing only panties. I'm not covert enough to take pictures, but if I were, this would be the lead photo on a new website: peopleofFSU.com. Akin to peopleofwalmart.com, peopleofFSU.com would feature "what-were-they-thinking" moments and full color photographs of the perpetrators in question. My revelation is that incidences like this need to be shared. We can't harbor these offenses inside, we must purge them. So, since the URL is probably already taken for peopleofFSU.com, and since incidences like this occur on every college campus, (and because I'm not committed enough to keep up a blog AND a website) I plan to make it part of this blog. Send me your photos and we can commentate together!

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  1. Iike when I saw the guy wearing hot pink spandex, a purple tank top under his leopard print tank with no sides until the bottom, and a belt carrying his canvas bag into Joann fabrics (obviously to make his next amazing outfit)? Yeah, I wish I had a picture of that, although it will be burned into my memory forever.