Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, I wake bright and early this morning, ready to register for one of two last semesters I have yet to finish for my BA. FINALLY. It has taken many a year to finally finish this degree because of, well, Life. Unavoidable things happen: death, jobs, having babies, ill parents, lack of funds, etc. But, here I am. It's not so much about the things I'd like to learn now as it is about just having that sheet of paper that says I did it. I'm done.

Yet, when I tried to register for a very senior-ish class (Senior Seminar), it was full. Full! Off I trotted to my adviser's office to clear up this little misunderstanding. [Holding crisp dollar bill] "Mr. Washington says this class is not full! How 'bout it?" But, low and behold, she was not there. (Gasp.) She will not be in 'til 1p.m. the other adviser tells me. Excellent. So, now something that should be totally easy is not only NOT easy, but I have no control in the situation whatsoever and I just have to wait. I never took that class in patience and trusting others so I'm a little freaked out.  To be continued....

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