Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Culprit

Today, as I sat in my car and ate my breakfast (the chicken nugget on a biscuit Chick-Fil-A gave me) I simultaneously burned the HELL out of my tongue on molten coffee and saw three girls get out of a car with galoshes on. Not one, but THREE sets of galoshes. Mind you, it's not raining. I've noticed this trend before: galoshes with shorts on a sunny day. I shake my head and walk to the library where I'm bombarded with MORE galoshes and shorts. I decide to investigate. Seems Kate Moss showed up somewhere important in galoshes and now it's the new craze. It's still irritating. Irritating in that Kate Moss could wear a potato sack and everyone would crave french fries in a sexual way (well, you can't possibly EAT them if Kate Moss is wearing it). At any rate, like I say with hot pants: just because you can wear them doesn't mean you should wear them. And, as punishment for falling victim to ugly trends, I hope all these girls are stricken with athlete's foot.


  1. What I don't understand and find irritating is why Kate Moss is still popular in a way. She looks like a damn crack whore. I have never thought that she was a pretty woman. Too many angles. Women should be soft.

  2. To me, she represents the grunge era of fashion. She was short but still made it into high fashion because she was so impossibly thin and had a magnetism about her-- she controlled the camera. The poor thing would still have to put rocks in her pockets on a breezy day, though. :)