Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good News and Bad News

So, to continue the saga from this morning . . . My adviser did indeed write me into Senior Seminar (yea!) in the time slot I needed (yea!), so problem evaded. (God, bless that woman, please!) I also got classes for the two Literature requirements I still need. The only bad news is that, while I'm in Advanced Shakespeare now, the only open class I could attend was Intro to Shakespeare. This is good news because it still counts. This is only bad news because I was counting down the days to getting away from Shakespeare forever. Give me Milton! Give me Marlowe! Give me anything less verbose than As You Like It. Blech. But, at this point, I'm ready to finish. I don't care if I have to take Shakespeare and Underwater Basket Weaving. Just give me that stinkin' piece of paper!

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