Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So recent it's been brought to my attention by my son's therapist that when he wishes to be excused from an activity, he simply lays down on the floor in protest and says, "No." Apparently this isn't a screaming, kicking tantrum but a more Gandhi-MLK-sit-in sort of protest. And, as I choke back a giggle in front of this well-meaning professional I think, "Wouldn't we all like to do this from time to time?"  Example: I am in a Shakespeare class this semester. ADVANCED Shakespeare, no less. I tell you this detail simply because you must picture me surrounded by men who grow goatee's and have shoulder-length hair as if they went to a barber asking for "The Bard" look. These people are serious. I, on the other hand, do not care for Shakespeare. Yes, his story lines are timeless (madness and incest and love will always be with us) but he's awfully damn wordy. But, as a Lit major, this is kind of a requisite class to take. My point is, I have never been apologetic for my hatred for public speaking and my professor makes us read aloud. My pulse quickens. I get choked up. Insta-headache. So, I think from now on I will simply try in my son's way.

"Katarina, will you read lines 423 on?"

[Lay on the floor prostrate.]


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  1. About time you blogged. Geez. I guess I should stop being lazy about it too.