Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to do something

Alright...wishing to get in shape won't do it. Time to man-up and hit the road. Now that the dog's stitches are out and she needs to work off energy as much as I need to work off...ahem...a$$'s time to start running. The couch-to-5K running plan starts tomorrow. I publish this to hopefully shame myself into finally doing this. Starting tomorrow it's just me, the dog and my inhaler. :) So, I'm stealing an idea from another runner I know and making a list of reasons why I will run (this helps to think over this list while I'm huffing and puffing).

1. Chocolate, wine and rum. 'Nuff said.
2. Lower blood pressure.
3. Afterward (like having read something rather than the act of reading it) I feel amazing.
4. I get to think through some things that I normally would just shove to the back of my psyche.
5. Pounding some frustration into the pavement.
6. Cheese AND lower cholesterol!
7. Doing something I didn't know I could do makes other (seemingly impossible) things seem within grasp.
8. The "hello" nod you get from other runners who are dieing, too.
9. Smaller jeans.
10. An example for my children to be healthy.

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