Monday, February 21, 2011


Ever have one of those days (weeks, months) where you're just like, "What's it all for? I bust a$$ at [insert occupation here] all for perhaps more money so I can send my children to a good college so they can make more money so they can send their kids to college so they can get better jobs and send their kids to college..." I'm there right now. Could be because a family member just passed away and I am currently without grandparents (totally--no kidding) and without a dad. It's hard to feel "connected", if that makes any sense. So, at this point school work is such an "eh" thing. Blah. But, since I'm always the loud mouth every other time, my professors seek me out. "What do YOU think of Jane Austen, Kati?!" "Uh...Truthfully? Miss Austen can go f*ck herself and Mr. Darcey's neckerchief." It's a funny discipline, Literature. The only people who really respect the literati are the literati. It pisses me off, quite frankly, that I'll spend so much time and effort learning Milton and Chaucer and Shakespeare and Woolf and what will it get me? A bang-up game of Trivial Pursuit. So, not to be miserably depressing, but I needed a diversion from all this reading and bull$hit. Blogging is so much more productive than jumping off a bridge with rocks in one's pockets (or sticking one's head in the oven...or being found in a ditch after a night of heavy drinking...or being stabbed through the eyeball...or wrapping one's lips around the barrel of a shot gun while one's "cleaning" it).
Happy Monday!

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