Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There's your trouble

So, we've been here almost a year. A YEAR! I can't believe it. In some instances it seems much longer than that. If time flies when you're having fun then the opposite is definitely true. Truly, being here has been very different than what I expected-- both good and bad. It's a bit more back-woods here than I expected (I can't purchase shallots or vegetarian chili anywhere) but people here are truly helpful and friendly (it's almost creepy). We've adjusted quite well and we're making our way in this dirty southern world for the time being, but I miss friends. Yes, we have friends here, but it's all formal and whatnot: "You wanna go to this festival or this restaurant or the zoo or..." I hate to admit it, but I'm freakin' boring. I wanna stay home. I want friends to come over in their pj's and bring the kids and won't be afraid if my children touch their stuff and I can make a huge batch of spaghetti for. I want to skip all this cat-n-mouse bull jive and just cut to the chase. Enough of this tip-toeing around real friendship, let's get to the nitty-gritty, folks. Will you hold my hair while I puke? Will you defend me if someone talks $hit behind my back? Will you watch a movie you hate just 'cause I want to? Will you tell me this outfit really does make me look horrible? I guess what I'm saying is I'd really like friends here in town but I'm unwilling to put the time and effort (and formalities) into forming those friendships. Maybe I'll find people who feel the same way. :)

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