Thursday, March 3, 2011

My fellows

So, as I sat listening to one of my classmates casually discuss (though it was more of a soliloquy) on the canonical works of Emerson (one volume of which he pulled from his blazer pocket), I couldn't help think, "What would a cocktail party be like with all these people?" Let's do a hot tub party of all literati and give out prizes. First to vomit while quoting Othello-- trophy. First to die of self-inflicted boredom-- trophy. First to actually get laid-- trophy. Don't misread me. I think it's adorable the fervor my classmates have for the subject-- and I will not take on the role of disillusioning them. I much prefer them to stay in their university cocoon where they're led to believe a degree still matters and literature is a worthwhile pursuit. They're so cute there. :)

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