Thursday, April 28, 2011


One more final to go. So far, they haven't been that bad. But, as of tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m., I will not have to read Shakespeare ever ever ever again. (Ever.) I thought it was so cute that one day, Joe looked at me and sincerely asked if English majors really do read all the assigned readings or if they, like, Cliff Note things. Frankly, I don't know a Lit major alive who doesn't have on their toolbar. One of my friends from Senior Seminar put it right, "Sometimes, the reading lists are just too much and you have to pick and choose what to actually read and what to sparknote." Because, to Lit majors, apparently, "Sparknote" or "Cliff note" can, in fact, be a verb.
So, for Mother's Day, I decided to get myself some books to read on my week break between semesters. After racking up quite the bill on Amazon, I had the epiphany to try the titles at the school library. Score. They had most of them. If I can get what I want at the library, I feel like somehow I'm cheating the system. Plus, it's less boxes when we move. :) But, as I was laboring over call numbers in the dark alleyways of the library, I started to think, "I've usually read books so as to take in information that might help me in another class, give insight to another paper...after next semester, there will be no more papers, no more teachers, no need." I was excited to think on the prospect of finishing, but a little disillusioned with it as well. I'll be graduating with a lot of (let's face it-- useless) knowledge, but, I'm okay with that. I can't really put my finger on as to why I'm okay with that, but I am. I enjoy reading and writing and I know I'm amongst the minority in everyday life (how many times does one bring up Milton's influence on Mary Shelley in the break room?) but that's cool-- probably because I refuse to let it define me. If nothing else, my education has helped me "define" myself (well, I'm working on it).
In other news, we will be moving into a house soon. I'm so excited for this. I will have a bigger kitchen! (Probably double the size.) The kids and the dog will have a fenced-in back yard! The commute is a bit longer, but it turns out the school we're zoned for is in the top 5. We hope to get my son into an all ABA (classroom for Autistic children) school next year, but I'm still fighting with the McKay scholarship. 
I'm still waiting on my dental appointment to replace my crown I lost on Monday (that's what I get for eating chocolate chip cookie bars. Ouch.). I feel like I'm 94 since I can't eat anything hard and I drink everything through a straw now. If nothing else, though, hopefully I'll lose a few pounds. I have to take such small bites since I can only chew with one side of my mouth that by the time I'm half done with something I'm sick of trying. I also have some swollen tonsils/head congestion thing going on, so that helps kill the appetite as well. There's a silver lining to everything, I suppose. :) I went to Taco Bell for the first time in a milliondy years today and I couldn't even finish my burrito. For one, I couldn't taste it 'cause of the head cold thing and second it erupted on my new, robin's egg blue t-shirt. Seriously? This is what I get for not buying black, as usual. (See, people usually just think I'm dark-- I'm really just sloppy.)
Well, off to study Shakespeare-- for the last time! Muhahahha!


  1. And all of the above is why I love you. That and look at the bright side... You whoop our asses at trivial pursuit.

  2. I have to win SOMETHING. You always win Clue.