Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Epic fail...

Sigh. So, somehow, even though I have worked out strenuously and counted calories this past month, I have gained 4lbs. How is this  possible?! I scream this to my husband (who created this eating plan for me) and he is baffled. "How can your body defy the laws of physics?" He is smart enough to not accuse me of deviating from the plan. My friend says I worry about it too much. How does one NOT worry about something that clearly means a lot to them? How does one "shut off" the worry and not grow obese? ('Cause when I shut off the worry, it's usually to face-plant into a giant cupcake.) I grow more frustrated. Now I worry about worrying and wonder if the worry makes me fat. I need a cookie to make me not worry. I work out instead. Have another cup of coffee. Salad. Protein. Coffee. Work out. Worry Don't worry. Don't worry. Don't worry. Now i've officially worried about the non-worry. Cortisol levels have spiked. Now I really need that cookie. : (


  1. Maybe you've gained muscle (which weighs more than fat). Take measurements too maybe. Also maybe the eating plan is too low cal? Sometimes if your body feels starved it will keep weight on because it thinks you are starving. I know I'm not much help.

  2. Elise is right about the low calories. Also, I hope you are not weighing yourself everyday. We fluctuate by five pounds everyday! Keep exercising, eating right and staying away from sugars and it will pay off. I promise.

  3. Took my measurements this morning and I'm just going to follow the plan and see if things look better next Monday. :)