Friday, May 6, 2011

My Milkshake

I took the dog for a long walk in the park yesterday while the landlord showed our apartment and while I was walking, my stomach was growling like it was going to eat my face off. So, since I had a coupon for a FREE spicy chicken sandwich, I figured-- why not? So, the dog and I pulled into ChickFilA and just as we passed the front door, a woman walked out carrying a beautiful milkshake, crowned with whipped cream and a bright cherry. POOF! A demon appeared on my shoulder. "Wow. That looks amazing. You should get one." POOF! An angel appeared on the other shoulder. "Milkshakes make you sick. Remember last time you got a milkshake? You don't want that feeling again, right?" Miniature devil countered: "It wasn't THAT bad. Worth it, right? Everyone who's tried this shake says it's heavenly! Coincidence? I think not." My own brain got in the action, "Hmmm...that's a lot of calories, too. Like, milkshakes are calorie mecca's. You'd have to work out for like, the rest of the afternoon to burn all that off (meaning, you'll never burn it off). But it does look awfully good....." By this time I was in front of the microphone and cars were lining up behind me. I blurted it out, "SPICYCHICKENSANDWICHLARGEDIETLEMONADEANDABANANAPUDDINGMILKSHAKE--SMALL!" I'd get a small one. Not too much damage, right? Come to find out, "small" to ChickFilA is 14oz. and almost 800 calories. (Holy cow, America.) So, I think, "Well, I'll just drink half then." There's no drinking half. This stuff is so good I practically licked the Styrofoam cup. People in cars next to me were staring. Then, it started. Not the guilt, but the cloud of yuck-i-ness. Within 30 minutes I was curled in a fetal position on my couch-- headache, stomach ache, sweating! Oh, it was miserable. (I'm writing this all out so the NEXT time I think it wasn't that bad, I can refer to this post and flick that little demon off my shoulder.) Needless to say, I did not "work off" those calories last night. It's a wonder I could pick the kids up from school. But, I have learned a valuable lesson-- spur of the moment decisions are sometimes to be avoided because the ramifications of those decisions last much longer than a moment. Here's to a better today.

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  1. Mothereffing milkshakes will get you every time. :/ But really, sometimes you just need a milkshake. <3
    I do the same thing with ice cream. There will be a showdown, and a staring contest, and then I will slaughter the ice cream. And it will slaughter my tummy half an hour later....