Monday, June 20, 2011

Where I've been...

So, here's the past 6 weeks of my life in a list nutshell ('cause don't you just love lists?):

1. My husband found my computer in the trash courtesy of my son. (Apparently he was frustrated.) I soon found out it was missing the "N" and "B" keys. (Apparently he was REALLY frustrated.) So, consider every B and every N (and there are a lot of N's) a gift to you, the reader.

2. I have officially read enough and written enough to be finished with Literature courses for the rest of my days. Funny, one of my teachers said that my paper on  Aldous Huxley's Brave New World's ramifications on modern cinema was "very well written", yet gave me a B (maybe that's why my son tore the letter off my keyboard?). Then, when I wrote my final paper for the class, all the while thinking, "This is crap. Don't worry about it being good-- just finish!" he gave me an A. I'm not complaining, by any means-- it's just odd how things pan out sometimes.

3. I helped my husband upholster a seat for the car he's building. The sense of accomplishment is astounding.

4. I have found out it is possible to fall completely out of shape in less than 6 weeks-- and that's cool. I've needed the time to read and write and study and take care of my family-- working out and healthy eating can wait 'til after my trip.

5. I have heard that in Spain they drink wine with Coca-Cola. I tried this concoction. It tastes like-- wine mixed with Coca-Cola. Meh.

6. We have moved from a tiny apartment to a house. Our commute is quite a ways away (we live in the boonies now) but our dog is SO much happier not being cooped up. We got my daughter a bunk bed and my son commandeered one of the bunks-- now we have an extra room. :)

7. I'm finding that "getting through" is sometimes just as effective as excelling. Don't worry!


  1. Doesn't it suck at how much time it takes to get in "shape" and how easily it is to get out of it?? Thats why I don't bother. LOL.

  2. #5 sounds disgusting. was it red or white wine? and why would someone ruin perfectly good wine with coke??

  3. Red... and it was pretty narly. That's the Spanish for you?