Monday, July 25, 2011


Excellent day! Very productive. It look me all day, but I did manage to clean the house and do some things I'd been meaning to since we moved in. Plus, my daughter helped me all day and though sometimes that makes things a bit more slow-going, it teaches her valuable life skills and we get to bond and laugh together and whatnot. We've been reading a little more than usual at night since she's out of school and at the end of one of her new books, there are pictures of monkeys with different expressions on their faces and signs with the words "angry" "pensive", etc. that match with the pics. So, we went through each one, but by the time we got to "startled" I could tell her attention was waning.
ME: What does this word say?
HER: Start-led?
ME: Close. Startled. Do you know what that means?
HER: Nope.
ME: Scared all-of-a-sudden. So, which monkey is startled?
HER: Mmmmmm I don't know.
HER: GASP! Mommy, you startled me!
ME: Muhahaha
French toast with ham and swiss-- crazy ideas sometimes work!

Because I like indigestion

Afternoon pick-me-up. Pretzels, NUTELLA! and some coffee. Still felt absolutely drained afterward.
K. So, I didn't eat the whole pan, but I could have!
Wine and a movie. Even if the movie stunk, the wine made it palatable. 

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