Friday, July 29, 2011


Walked into my last full Spanish class ever today. That felt tremendous. (My exams are next week.) I ran the last 3 miles of my plan when I got home. The trail I've been running is a lot shadier and so I may end up there more times than not. TGIF!
Coffee (of course) and frozen bananas, protein powder and (ahem) more coffee
ZBar pre-run. Protein shake after the run.
Grilled onions and mushrooms on rye with sharp cheese. NOMS! (Also had some cantaloupe.)

Fish tacos (again). Trying to finish up the groceries we have before we get more. :)
I haven't decided-- wine or rum tonight? I have two glasses of this left, but who knows...

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  1. I say go out with some's Friday night!