Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birfcake Noms

While reading my friend Laura's blog, Sprint 2 the Table (if you haven't already, check it out), I came across one of her family favorites: grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I'm ashamed to say what crossed my mind: "Wow, what great hangover food!" But seriously, whether it's the morning after or no, as I sat munching on this salty/sweet crunchy/gooey amazingness, it got me thinking... my birthday is coming up. Every year on my birthday, my mother would make us our meal of choice. My sisters meal, every year, looked like this:
Mine, however, changed every year. Usually it centered on the Italian. "Kati, I am not making stuffed shells. We'll go to Olive Garden." Last year, our friends E&E were gracious enough to throw myself and my friend Katie (weird, huh?) a Pirate themed party (we're born on Talk Like a Pirate Day-- extra weird, huh?) with plenty of Rum Runners to drink and...well, the rest didn't matter after that. :)
Joe and I giving our best pirate face. Hey-- I have an eye patch, I can smile.
So, here's the dilemma. My birthday is quickly approaching and I haven't figured out a menu yet. GASP! (For shame.) E&E are coming next weekend (a bit early, but that's totally cool with me) and I need to plan!

What was your birthday/special meal growing up?


  1. Cute story, its always a huge comfort when you have great childhood memories. I would have to say my favorite was Fresh fish and chip(fries)and it still is to this day!

  2. Love the eye patch! I need to get me one of those! :)

  3. We always had our meal of choice, too! Mine was usually something "home-y" like pot roast. Ever since Austin's first birthday I have stuck with "your choice of dinner out" or "birthday dinner" as it's now been dubbed. Austin varies from Olive Garden to Osaka...Alyssa has picked Hooters (I kid you NOT) for the past 5 years straight....

  4. HA! Back in my college days I remember my roommate and I making pb&j in the George Forman. Yum!

  5. One year I had a Mexican theme party. It worked out pretty good dish wise because the food was like a buffet which allowed people to put together what they liked for tacos,tostadas and burritos. Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be okay-after all it will be a party!

  6. @Rita-- FishnChips sounds good, but there's no one around here that makes them well that I know of. :( @ Charissa-- you can borrow mine! @Jen-- I've heard that Hooter's makes some good wings! Good for her! @ Erin-- How did everyone else know about this but me?! @Tina-- Mexican is always an option.

  7. My two sisters always wanted Steak and Shrimp. The brothers always wanted Pizza. My twin brother and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted chicken curry...and we were young, picky eaters!

    Unfortunately, I've developed an allergy to curry - so I don't get my special meal....but I make sure that BBQ Fritos and Reeses Peanut Butter cups are in my immediate future!

    Happy Birthday! My vote is curry!

  8. OMG that grilled PBJ looks SOOOOO GOOOOD. Maybe add a tbsp of Fluff? :D

    We do the same thing in my house for birthdays--usually we overdo it. You get your homecooked fav meal, AND get to go to your fav restaurant. Little Sis always has me make a stir fry for her birthday. I put the recipe up on my blog. You can make it really low cal, and it's delicious!


  9. My meal was always a mustard ham, peas and carrots, and my mom potato and cheese souffle. Classy I know... Now a days I let Eric decide what to surprise me with or I go with my craving for the day which is usually something horrible for me but tastes so good. So make whatever you would like when we come visit cause you know I love your cooking!

  10. So glad you like the sandwich! It is the ultimate comfort (and hangover!) food. :) I think I need to have one for breakfast, actually. :)

    Happy almost birthday!