Saturday, August 27, 2011

Charlie Brown Day

I've had a Charlie Brown Day. You know what I mean? I don't feel particularly sorry for myself, it's just nothing has really gone right. I've had the drop-sies. I've managed to take a bath and shave my legs and....that's about it. I lied to a door-to-door salesman. "'Scuse me ma' you all eat chicken or steak?" "Nope!" "No?" "Nope! Have a great day!" . . . and I went back inside and finished my baked spaghetti bolgonese. I stayed on most of the day (I'm so not kidding-- I seriously have a problem bordering on obsession). I did stray long enough to google shin splints and ballet since I've been doing the Bar Method DVDs this week and my shin splints are getting WORSE. Turns out shin splints are a common ailment for runners and (drumroll) dancers! F.M.L. So, won't be doing that anymore. In other (GOOD) news, we found out yesterday that my husband matched to our hometown for the next two years of med school!! Meaning, in May, he starts at a regional campus back home! So, starting Monday I'll be looking for a job back home. Great big fingers crossed, you guys!  And, in other stellar news, my daughter lost her very first tooth! She's very proud. :) We don't do the whole tooth fairy ordeal, but we did give her some loot for being so brave and yanking her chomper out.  So, hopefully tomorrow will be more productive and brighter, but for now, it's time to get the kids in bed.
We all have "those" days-- what do you do to work out of the funk?


  1. Exercise always works for me, or going out to coffee with friends.

  2. I agree with the exercising.... but playing the piano, doing something creative/artistic , and cooking/baking also work!

  3. Ugh, I get in funks like those. I have days where I'm impressed with myself for just showering, haha. And I think I have a similar addiction to Tumblr. :0

    I just try to do things that I know I enjoy, but sometimes I get in those moods where nothing is enjoyable and you're just frustrated and bored with everything. Best thing to do, hands down, just leave the house. Change of environment can do wonders.

    Also - this is - I have another Blogger account for my cooking and crafting blogs. You should check out my cooking one - I just started it but hopefully it should shape up soon!

  4. Those funks are the worst. I hope you feel better. <3 <3 Sometimes all you can do is push through the day and then sleep it off.

    I'm kind of jealous you get door-to-door salesmen. We never get them. We don't even get the Jehovah's Witnesses anymore. They skip my house now. :(

    Hope you can get out of the funk!! I've been soaking my feet in a bucket of hot water every night, like half an hour before bed and I swear to god it works wonders on my mood.