Wednesday, August 24, 2011




I have never made any laments over my love for pasta-- nor my love for Sophia Loren. Any diva/celebrity that says something like, "All that you see, I owe to spaghetti," is alright in my book. (Celebrities don't recommend food enough these days.) Which is why I'll have a WWSE WIAW (What Would Sophia Eat What I Ate Wednesday). buon appetito!
Coffee and gingerbread biscotti (this was also my afternoon pick-me-up- that's why there's two biscotti pictured)

Tomato and cucumber salad and a Greek yogurt. I was wishin' I had some feta for that salad, but it was good anyway. :)
Water. LOTS of water. It's hot as, well, Sophia Loren circa 1962, outside.
I don't care what anyone says-- spaghetti squash may look similar to spaghetti, but it doesn't taste like it. I tried it (again) tonight and no dice. I'd rather pour sauce over a little bit o' noodles bolstered with wilted greens for bulk than do the spaghetti squash thing again.

Who's your favorite celebrity? What do you think they'd eat?
What's your favorite pasta?


  1. I totally agree about the spaghetti squash, I try but I don't like it at all.

  2. I can't do spaghetti squash either. I'm Italian, I need to real deal or nothing at all! I am kind of obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker. She is so tiny, I'm not sure she eats. She might have a cube of cheese here and there...j/k

  3. I agree that spaghetti squash isn't good as a substitute for pasta, but if you saute it with a little shallot, pancetta & pine nuts it's pretty fantastic. just throwing it out there :)

  4. You are cracking me up with the spaghetti squash. I love it - it doesn't really taste like anything to me, so I just put an awesome sauce/toppings on top and enjoy. Maybe you have to go into it not expecting pasta.

  5. I haven't tried spaghetti squash but seeing them side by side tells me all I need to know "STAY AWAY."
    Great WIAW post I love that you gave it the Sophia Loren theme.

  6. Oh I LOVE Spaghetti squash!!! I know it doesn't taste just like pasta, but I think it's delicious just the same!

  7. I like spaghetti squash but not as a spaghetti substitute! They taste totally different, that is for sure. But I LOVE the squash when I make it in a recipe like this:

  8. Gingerbread biscotti? Now I'm looking forward to Christmas! :)

  9. I like spaghetti squash ok, but I agree it's no pasta substitute.

  10. I love pasta....I have to say, there is no substitute. I prefer regular spaghetti and, while I've had whole wheat and whole grain, I'd rather have less of the real thing! Sophia Loren is awesome and I agree - we need more foodie celebrities!

    I like that Gweneth Paltrow is a foodie and she has a decent cookbook, too!

    My favorite pasta is angel hair (boxed) and gnocchhi (homemade).

    GREAT post!