Sunday, September 25, 2011

Buried Treasure!

There could be anything in there!
Everyone loves getting mail. Well, at least the good kind of mail. You know, like secret packages or cards from friends? The other day, I completely cashed in. A huge box landed on my doorstep (as the UPS man made his hasty retreat from our vicious puppy). I assumed it was yet another part for my husband's Shelby, but the box was addressed to me! Residual birthday present? I opened the box and found recycled seltzer staring at me. I felt like the father in A Christmas Story.
Thankfully, it was something much more useful than a leg lamp. :) Clorox sent me samples of their latest environmentally friendly products!

  • Wipes for the bathroom (easy clean up from messy fingers touching light switches and other kid-related bathroom stuff).
  • Cleanup spray for the kitchen (it made cleaning up after frying some hamburgers REALLY easy and didn't irritate my throat like some cleaners)
  • Clothes detergent for the washroom (even good for sensitive skin-- bonus!) 

Thanks, Greenworks! You made my day!
And, not only did I get a package from Clorox, I did get a residual birthday present from my friend, Elise, with a really funny card (I lol'd . . .alone . . . in my car) and some very "me" necklaces she must have procured from Etsy or some other fun place.
But wait! There's more! Whilst cleaning out a kitchen cabinet, I found a old recipe box my mom painted  and filled with my grandma's recipes!
This is the grandma I've mentioned before-- the kicka$$ baker. Truly, her pastries and confections were to die for. Of course, all these recipes were written by hand (I had to explain to my daughter last night that when I was younger, we did not have the magic of the internet) . . . 
...and so even though I'm SO making my grandma's inexplicably fantastic red velvet cake for Christmas (and going to blog about it, of course) I'll probably keep the cards for good memories. :)

New Stuff + Old Stuff = Happiness Euphoria


  1. Fra-geeee-lay....must be Italian!

    I'm SO excited about finding your grandmothers recipes!

  2. HA! I'm so glad someone else loves that movie, too. :)