Wednesday, September 28, 2011

C'mon Get Happy WIAW

It's that time of week again...joining in at the party over at Peas and Crayons. I'm trying to remain positive, though this week is proving to be tougher than I was ready for. I just try to remember there are bigger things in the world to be worried about than my menial burdens.
Plus, I have MANY things to be thankful for! Including (but not limited to) FOOD! Let's take a look at all the amazing food I get to be thankful for--

Eggs, Salsa and Cheese. Transcendent!

Yogurt covered raisins and soy nuts-- which I so cleverly made into snack packs. (And then apparently sat on a raisin long enough to smear it all over my a$$ on the way to get the kids. Love. It.)

Pumpkin spice greek yogurt

7 layer dip. Noms. :)
Mahi, broccoli slaw and grilled sweet potato salad-- amazing!

What do you have to be thankful for?


  1. I have YOU to be thankful for! You always have SUCH fun blog posts! I hope you're having a great Thursday (I know it's late and I'm still up...behind on blog reading, but I'm getting there!)

  2. yum eats!!!!
    i need to make a sweet potato salad soon again. i love it! what are your other ingredients?

  3. mmm i'm thankful for 7 layer dip! i love that picture about first world problems. i'm apt to complaining about something that really isn't that bad and then tacking on a very sarcastic "life is SO hard". i'm so thankful to have a job, an amazing roomie, a good education, a family that loves me, my own car, and the best friends i could possibly ask for!

  4. I looooove 7 layer dips. Yours look really good. I am def going to have to healthify one up and make it for my roommates and I.