Friday, October 21, 2011


It seems like every time I get on one of my vegetarian "kicks" (really, just when I can't stand the thought of chicken's artery recoiling and snapping me in the lip [shudder]) I inevitably find amazing looking recipes that call for a food processor. 
Black bean burgers? Sure, you can eat them...but it's gonna cost ya. Yeah, you CAN use a blender, but it won't work. You'll smell burning plastic before you smell cooking lentil meatloaf. Hummus? Yeah you COULD squish it with a fork, but wouldn't life be easier just to buy it?
 Right. At this point, it should be noted that my husband is the kitchen gadget whore. He's the one who begged for a KitchenAid mixer and I'm the one who uses a spatula 'til I have Thor-sized arms. He's the one who registered for an ice cream maker for our wedding... 'nuff said. So, when I've expressed interest in a food processor, the fact that he's critical confounds me. Finally, the gadget gods smiled on me the other day whilst milling about Sams. There are two places my husband must check at Sams-- the sale section in the front and the sale section in the back. We've procured office equipment, recliners and the like from these little known corners of the store and the other day, our find was no less useful: a display blender and food processor taped together! Woot! Eager to show my husband all the fabulous things this gadget could change our lives with, I immediately visited the grocery store in search of chick peas and chocolate chips. Weird combo? Yes. But, when I saw a recipe for "healthy" chocolate chip cookie dough made from chick peas, I thought, "Why the hell not?"
I wanted to like this, simply because I bought a gadget in order to make things like this. It was supposed to taste like chocolate chip cookie dough. It tasted like...mashed chick peas with chocolate chips in them.

Bravely, my daughter suffered through half and bowl. What an adventurous kid. And now, the "cookie dough" is on the shelf in our frig that confines all other failed experiments that I don't want to "waste". I'm hoping the food processor can revive that vegetarian meatloaf into black bean burgers and earn it's keep.

What do you do with failed experiments?
Are you a kitchen gadget whore, too?


  1. haha great post! i actually made blondies from chick peas, you definitely need to add some sweetness, i used maple syrup and brown sugar oatmeal to the mix. with my failed expirements they usually end up on the trash, and yes i'm a huge kitchen gadget whore. i have a decent sized closet lined with devices. it's pretty amazing! :)

  2. Great post! I like my kitchen gadgets.

  3. HAHA HER FACE! She doesn't look happy eating that stuff!

  4. Love it! That recipe made me gag when I read it on Pinterest. I imagined that it would taste like, um......mashed chick peas with chocolate chips. Did you try the mousse yet? I made it into a pie version today....hope to blog tomorrow. I LOVE my food processor! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your food processor! ...and yes, I've had kitchen failures...who hasn't? I've even posted some of them! There was only one and it was SO bad honey bunny BEGGED me not to post it!

    I've found that recipe failure posts are often times the most popular...go figure! Your daughter is adorable...and her expression is priceless!

  6. I saw a similar recipe recently and thought I would go for it! You've given me second thoughts... lol -- your daughter is a trooper.