Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going Strong WIAW

So, 19 days into the whole vegetarian try-out and I'm going strong (and happy!). I'm discovering all kinds of fun stuff I didn't know about before-- overnight oats (even the husband likes this one), quinoa (love it!), almond butter (new fav!), nutritional yeast (great to sneak into the kidddo's mac n cheese and spaghetti), et al. I've made some experiments that didn't work out (vegetarian meatloaf is best left alone, in my opinion) but the good has far outweighed the bad. The best thing is, with a little planning ahead, I've managed to make pretty healthy meals and stay within budget. Sweet! Now to join the WIAW party over at Peas n Crayons!
Gingerbread overnight oats. Noms!

$0.50 Go Green refill from Starbucks ( X 2! I was a little revved up by the time I got home.) while I shopped for tights for my daughter's Halloween costume. :)

Miso soup and salad with low fat Asian dressing

Luna bars on sale at Target

My favorite tea of the season!

Baked beans and broccoli slaw wrap, made with...

...from my friend, Meagan, for my birthday!

Star Wars popcorn. I pretty much bought it for the Star Wars tin. :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Glad you are discovering new things! I discovered quinoa last spring and it's so amazing!!

  2. I'm glad the vegetarian experiment is working out and you're enjoying it! I probably would have bought the popcorn for the Star Wars tin, too. Use the force, Luke!

  3. Sounds like the vegetarian trials are going well! Hope you discover more stuff you like too =)

  4. You have to buy mark bittmans book "how to cook everything vegetarian"! He is not veg, but the huge book is amazing and teaches you to make complete filling nutritious meals without a meat product or fake meat anything. Also theres an iphone app for it now- it will change how you think about eating.