Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taking the Plunge WIAW

Did you know October 1st marked the beginning of Vegetarian Awareness Month? Well, it did. As such, I'm taking the plunge and giving vegetarianism the old college try for 31 days. So, with a little help from Jenn over at Peas & Crayons on how to be a vegetarian (instead of a pan-a-tarian) and still feed my carnivorous husband and not break the bank, or take too much time-- here's what I came up with for one day so far.
Overnight oats-- where have you been all my life? Instant oatmeal makes me hungry in 2 seconds but whole oatmeal fills me up til lunchtime. But who has time to get two kids ready for school and boil oats? Not I. Enter Overnight Oats. Oh She Glows has some great ideas, btw.
BK veggie burger sans one bun and a side of onion rings. I was running around town yesterday and this really hit the spot.
One of my errands was to grocery shop. I found these dark chocolate almonds and decided to take these little beauties home as my afternoon snack.
Breakfast for dinner. I made a huge batch of whole grain waffles and I decided I'd go with a savory one-- eggs, Laughing Cow cheese, mushrooms, onions and a slice of swiss.

Pop Up Bowl popcorn with a little taco seasoning (can you tell I'm sick of the butter flavor? I have about a million boxes, though, just to get the RedBox free movies inside.)

Any suggestions for a vegetarian lifestyle?
Any dishes I have to try before the month is over?


  1. I looove dark chocolate covered almonds! So good..any healthy!! :D

  2. You can make dried beans in the crock pot. Most bags of beans have the directions on the bag. I make them and they feed me for most of a week. I add them to salads, to grains and they are terrific!

  3. Do you like tofu? It's so easy to make a stir fry -- even easier if you use sauces like Trader Joe's Thai Curry sauce. Just saute veggies, throw in cubed extra firm tofu and add sauce and heat it up! I often make this for a quick, easy lunch.

  4. Congrats on trying the veg lifestyle! 20 years in i havent regretted a meal yet:). Check out a veg friendly omni with amazing recipes he writes for ny times. Also "how to cook everything vegetarian" book by him, i think its on kindle and also an iphone app. Good luck! You will feel like a million bucks!

  5. Congratulations on your vegetarian lifestyle so far! What you ate today sounds delicious!

  6. Your body may take some adjustment to the new lifestyle; remember that just because something is vegetarian doesn't mean it's nutritious. Make sure you're getting a balanced diet, including different parts of the plant. Eat some root vegetables, some greens, some (fruits/seeds/nuts/legumes/beans) for balanced amounts of proteins and vitamins. Take a multivitamin maybe while you're just starting out to make sure you keep your B-vitamins and iron where they should be. Congrats on eating greener!

  7. That is awesome that you are going to try being a vegetarian. I have always wondered if I would be able to do that. Takes lots of commitment.