Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

I'm a day late for my Talk Nerdy to Me Tuesday this week, but I have an excellent excuse. The book was read previously, but our family went out of town for the weekend so my husband could be in a wedding. And, like most times when I visit home, there's always kind of an emotional fall-out when I get back to Tallahassee. I miss mah peeps! So, this book fits perfectly with my homesickness, kind of. Quick run down-- Alexie tells the story of a Native American boy who decides to go to school off the reservation. Simple, right? Well, not so much. A new twist on the classic coming of age tale, Alexie's story adds humor to some very dark situations and revelation to what the reader thinks they already have all figured out. Complete with lighthearted cartoons. :)

The juxtaposition of  vulnerability and maturity Alexie gives the main character's voice is riveting. It is quite easy to pick it up and not walk away until it's finished.

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  1. Wow - it sounds interesting and eye opening. Welcome's always nice to come home!