Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Did You Get This Number?

Welcome back to the weekly Talk Nerdy to Me Tuesday. Sloane Crosley is my kind of girl-- deadpan humor laced with self-deprecating jibes-- but without being a downer. This compilation of essays was given to me by the same friend who gave me Crosley's first book, I Was Told There'd Be Cake (I know...Elise obviously knows me). Over a year after receiving it, I finished it. Suddenly, as I was chatting with Elise via IM, I had the epiphany as to why it was taking me over 365 days to read a 271 page book (That's less than a page a day. Math whiz? Oh yeah.). Since I'm subject to take my reality from media, I wanted to savor this book: it reminded me of the person who gave it. 

The convo that sparked it all:

ME: What are you making for your sister's birthday dinner?
E: Baked spaghetti, as usual. Then a dessert (not too chocolately, she says). Then garlic bread. Then, of course, wine.
ME: Woah. Jealous.
E: Yeah, I'm carb-loading. Hope I don't blow up like a bitch.
ME: Last time I did that was on my birthday and I felt miserable.
E: Well, I should be okay...since it's not my birthday and all.
ME: I miss you.

Elise's confounding logic always cheers me up-- and makes me nostalgic. These are the conversations one needs to get through the day. While we're away from family and friends for another 7 months, I'm so grateful for IM, text, facebook, etc.-- and for Sloane Crosley, who seems to share a similar wit. (Pack your bags: we're coming for you, Sloane.) If Crosley doesn't get another compilation of essays out by September 2012, and since food is usually the point of my conversations, now I know what I want for my next birthday:


  1. Awwww. I got mentioned in a blog. Those 7 months can't pass fast enough and I still think we should make Sloane our friend. She would sit right in. And of course my excuse for not finishing I was told there would be cake is the same as yours... Just sayin.

  2. You are hysterical! That cookbook always shocks me when I see it....I gotta ask - is it any good?!

  3. @Ann-- I haven't looked inside, to be honest. If you pick it up, let me know. :)