Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to do something

Alright...wishing to get in shape won't do it. Time to man-up and hit the road. Now that the dog's stitches are out and she needs to work off energy as much as I need to work off...ahem...a$$'s time to start running. The couch-to-5K running plan starts tomorrow. I publish this to hopefully shame myself into finally doing this. Starting tomorrow it's just me, the dog and my inhaler. :) So, I'm stealing an idea from another runner I know and making a list of reasons why I will run (this helps to think over this list while I'm huffing and puffing).

1. Chocolate, wine and rum. 'Nuff said.
2. Lower blood pressure.
3. Afterward (like having read something rather than the act of reading it) I feel amazing.
4. I get to think through some things that I normally would just shove to the back of my psyche.
5. Pounding some frustration into the pavement.
6. Cheese AND lower cholesterol!
7. Doing something I didn't know I could do makes other (seemingly impossible) things seem within grasp.
8. The "hello" nod you get from other runners who are dieing, too.
9. Smaller jeans.
10. An example for my children to be healthy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday

So, a wise (wo)man once said something along the lines that whatever you were made to do, you do wherever you are, no matter your profession. I am swiftly learning that though I love books, I am not an avid reader. I like having read something and gleaning the information from the text, but the actual process of reading is not my favorite thing to do. So, as I crack the spine on yet another novel that inevitably has to do with rape, torture, affluence, mental illness or spontaneous human combustion, I find myself asking: "Is Tuesday too early in the week for a case drink of wine?"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plath was right

So, Sylvia Plath once said something to the effect of (I'm too lazy to look it up at present) that there are not many things a hot bath won't cure. No kidding. I do my best thinking/reading while steeping in my own skin cells, often running the bath out and then again because it is too tepid, sometimes finding myself like the frog in the water (boiled and sick). With the amount of reading I've set up for myself this semester, it is truly unfair that my bathtub does not get hot enough water. We have had circuitry replaced and finally the hot water heater replaced. The water at every other orifice in the house is molten enough to strip the skin of a young babe yet my bathroom remains barely "meh" warm. And, it's not that the porcelain is cooling off the water-- the shower is just so-so, too. I have too much reading for this $hit! I must have my bathtub HOT. The tub is truly my refuge and so a call to the maintenance man must be made at the fear of seeming totally insane: "No really...come into my bathroom! You'll see!" We all need our creature comforts and this is mine. Wish me luck. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6: Bridget Jones Feminism

I had to steal a pic from google since my children have highjacked my phone all afternoon. But, the word of the day is feminism. I began my Major Women Writers class today and I knew at once I would love the professor when she A. quoted Bridget Jone's Diary B. made fun of Sigmund Freud C. told us to move our desks and make a mess of the classroom for discussion's sake (and the next instructor to use the class was her ex-husband). The small qualm I have is that she chose to quote Jones as saying, "The sure way to turn off a man is strident feminism," and though this suited her purposes, of course, she didn't quote my favorite: "I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan." Though the reading list is extensive, it's good stuff: Beloved, Woman Warrior, Frankenstein, A Room of One's Own, etc. Now to do some planning so I can fit it all in. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

Today is a hot coco day. Perhaps even a hot coco mixed with coffee day. It's freezing outside and while I trekked back and forth on campus to work out scheduling and get books, it rained...and rained...and rained. So, having figured everything out and gotten a more conducive schedule, it is so nice to be in my warm home and just read. Perfect day to read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which is due tomorrow. :)

Day 4

This pretty much sums it up for Tuesday. Total coughing fit in one of my classes and due to my Celtic heritage, my face turned so red I could feel it. So embarrassed. I think I was having some sort of asthma/allergy attack after listening to my professor talking about "getting into the zone" of reading titles like Mansfield Park and Dombey and Son. I think I really started to lose it when she said something about not being too sympathetic as far as absences for illness goes because she made it to class once with a ruptured appendix. So, this semester may, in fact, hand me my a$$ on a platter, BUT, I'm prepared for that. Like my professor said, some people are good at sports or music or whatever and there's just this groove they get into-- this is my groove. I read 'til my eyes bleed and then regurgitate it in an essay (or 5).  So, raise your coffee cup and let's get to it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3

So, I showed up to school a day early. After walking all the way to my class in 30 degree weather without a jacket and finally thawing out enough to feel my fingers and dial my husband: "Ummmm...will you look up if school starts today or tomorrow please?" wonder I got a great parking spot. So, I made the most of the time and went to get my Spanish books. Turns out I got a shrink-wrapped bunch of pages and a security code for $150. (Bend over!) Good news is, I can get the 20 novels I have to read (mostly) on my phone Kindle for freebies! [Polite applause for the classics.]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 in pics

Inspired by my friend and in an effort to stop taking myself so seriously, I'm going to try to do 365 pics to commemorate my year in pics. Since I'm a day behind, here's one for the first. Oh, and since I'm a day behind, I'll throw in a little extra. A bonus, you could say: my drunk crafting pic. Remember kids-- never mix rum and a hot glue gun. I woke up with burned fingers and no remembrance of what I did: "Why do my fingers hurt? Hey, that's pretty. Who did that?"

Oh yes. My reward for putting up all the Christmas CRAP and doing laundry out the a$$hole and cleaning the bathrooms and shopping and... (well, let's just say it was a productive day) was my husband's coconut cream pie. K. I don't LIKE pie, but Joe's coconut cream pie is to die for. God bless this man.

Inspired by so many things on that I could completely do myself (and NOT pay $40 for) I went a little nuts with the buttons and excess crafting stuff. Don't we all love cupcakes and free decor? I know I do. Let them eat cake!

This...this crazy bitch...did amazing on our walk and was calm while I got gas and went into WalMart for Frontline (her) and Mucinex (for my persistent cough. I was tempted to get the give-your-license-stuff that had ephedra in it, but the pharmacist said to stick with Mucinex since I'm already on asthma meds. Damn.)

Stay tuned for Day 3 of 365. I start school again tomorrow. Kinda nervous. Kinda freakin' EXCITED 'cause my schedule says, "Senior" at the top. I can't wait to be friggin' DONE. I just have to tell myself that the stupid hoops they make you jump through are all worth it. Just two more short semesters....

Do it.

I could have used the excuse that it had rained off and on all weekend to not take the dog on a walk...but I didn't. As a result, Meagan did well on our first walk. She has much to learn about leash walking but on the way home I stopped by the store for Frontline and a choke collar. I didn't want to get a choke collar, but she's a friggin' juggernaut and gets too excited about people and other animals, so it's a choke collar until she learns the rules of the road. Glad we went. [insert pat on back here]

Happy New Year!

Looking back on my New Years resolutions from years gone by I find that some things will always be on my list while others are not terribly important to me anymore. Some things I wonder if I put them on the list simply to have something to hope for. There have been years like that: so tough that a dream list, something to wish for, lightened my psyche. All in all, though, 2010 was a good year. It was the year my husband was accepted to med. school. It was the year I kept a job for more than a year and resigned (to move) instead of quitting. It was the year my children finally sleep at night, enabling me to be a better person during the day. It was the year I finally got to study Greek and Roman culture, including their languages. It was the year I made the decision that the kids are more important than grades (and if professors don't get that then screw 'em).
It was the year I started to build my relationship with my husband OUTSIDE of the trenches-- we found how to relate to each other in the good times. (Previous years we had not been so lucky to avoid tragedy.) So, I'm excited about what 2011 will bring. Resolutions? Not really. Goals, yes. I want to make a distinction-- resolutions for me are wishing for something, like it would magically happen. I know enough now to realize the fairy godmother is not going to show up. If I want something, wishing and hoping will not get me there. So, I have goals: a list of things to do in 2011, God willing.
1. See New York with my husband
2. Finish my degree (if my grant doesn't pay for the summer then I'll finish up in Fall, before 2012)
3. Start running again (having our dog, Meagan, back will help with this, as will my inhaler)
4. Help teach our son to read and write and find a good school for him to start kindergarten in

Simple list but each item entails LOTS of work. Here's to a happy and productive New Year!