Thursday, February 24, 2011


.... I have come to the point in the semester that I am done with school, but school is not done with me. It happens every semester, usually right after midterms. The newness has worn off, but I haven't quite glimpsed the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm just in that "in between" phase. Since it happens every semester, I know how to drink and eat lots of carbs to get me in a good mood get through it, so I grimace and bear it.  Just keep on keepin' on, Kate.

That's how he flies... ice mistakes...

Remember the infamous volleyball scene in Top Gun? Remember how they took themselves WAY too seriously to play a game of beach volleyball? Seriously? Who tapes their hands and lubes up their chest for volleyball? (Side note: Remember Val Kilmer? What ever happened to Iceman, huh?) Well, this scene is what I'm often reminded of every time I take the dog for a run in the park because (no kidding) people are inevitably playing Ultimate Frisbee. That's right-- Ultimate --- Frisbee.  What separates ULTIMATE frisbee from just plain old frisbee? I'm thinking it's the Kenny Loggins muzac that starts playing every time I see this poetry in motion, ("Where'd that 80's music come from?!?!") but other than that, I couldn't tell you. But people here are serious about this. I see stickers on cars and everything. Perhaps they're on to something? Maybe I'll tape up my hands and go try it out.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There's your trouble

So, we've been here almost a year. A YEAR! I can't believe it. In some instances it seems much longer than that. If time flies when you're having fun then the opposite is definitely true. Truly, being here has been very different than what I expected-- both good and bad. It's a bit more back-woods here than I expected (I can't purchase shallots or vegetarian chili anywhere) but people here are truly helpful and friendly (it's almost creepy). We've adjusted quite well and we're making our way in this dirty southern world for the time being, but I miss friends. Yes, we have friends here, but it's all formal and whatnot: "You wanna go to this festival or this restaurant or the zoo or..." I hate to admit it, but I'm freakin' boring. I wanna stay home. I want friends to come over in their pj's and bring the kids and won't be afraid if my children touch their stuff and I can make a huge batch of spaghetti for. I want to skip all this cat-n-mouse bull jive and just cut to the chase. Enough of this tip-toeing around real friendship, let's get to the nitty-gritty, folks. Will you hold my hair while I puke? Will you defend me if someone talks $hit behind my back? Will you watch a movie you hate just 'cause I want to? Will you tell me this outfit really does make me look horrible? I guess what I'm saying is I'd really like friends here in town but I'm unwilling to put the time and effort (and formalities) into forming those friendships. Maybe I'll find people who feel the same way. :)


Sorry about my last post. Debbie Downer signed in under my name. Sometimes I need to back up, stop the introspection and just face-plant into a great big cupcake. I know, I know, sugar is Satan and whatnot, but just add that to my long list of legal addictive substances I tend to imbibe. Sugar is my way of saying that sometimes, in the thick of things, one must find that little glimmer of happiness-- even if it's totally temporal and even trite. Sometimes, food (or wine, or music, or a drive, or smelling coffee brewing, or hearing your children laugh, or whatever) really does make things better. For, if one can be tossed into the tempest of life's questions without explanation, then one can be rescued from it by something equally inexplicable.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Ever have one of those days (weeks, months) where you're just like, "What's it all for? I bust a$$ at [insert occupation here] all for perhaps more money so I can send my children to a good college so they can make more money so they can send their kids to college so they can get better jobs and send their kids to college..." I'm there right now. Could be because a family member just passed away and I am currently without grandparents (totally--no kidding) and without a dad. It's hard to feel "connected", if that makes any sense. So, at this point school work is such an "eh" thing. Blah. But, since I'm always the loud mouth every other time, my professors seek me out. "What do YOU think of Jane Austen, Kati?!" "Uh...Truthfully? Miss Austen can go f*ck herself and Mr. Darcey's neckerchief." It's a funny discipline, Literature. The only people who really respect the literati are the literati. It pisses me off, quite frankly, that I'll spend so much time and effort learning Milton and Chaucer and Shakespeare and Woolf and what will it get me? A bang-up game of Trivial Pursuit. So, not to be miserably depressing, but I needed a diversion from all this reading and bull$hit. Blogging is so much more productive than jumping off a bridge with rocks in one's pockets (or sticking one's head in the oven...or being found in a ditch after a night of heavy drinking...or being stabbed through the eyeball...or wrapping one's lips around the barrel of a shot gun while one's "cleaning" it).
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


From where I'm sitting, my kids are the picture of serenity. One is reading a Dr. Seuss book, the other is playing an educational video game. Together. No arguments. No fighting. No, "He touched me!" Total peace.

You know what else they did together? They somehow shoved pieces of their tea set into BOTH toilets within a matter of seconds. Before I could say, "Hey! You're awfully quiet in there!" it was done. I don't know what obsession children have with shoving things in toilets, but as I hear my husband curse and slip in the bathroom trying to fix this travesty, I'm wondering what my children would prefer for their last meal.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am Kati's aching a$$

Because apparently I didn't listen hard enough to my thigh's slapping each other: "YOU get in shape!" "No, YOU get in shape!" I was forced to listen to my aching butt muscles on the walk to and from class today (it seemed, uphill both ways): "Ouch! Why didn't you do this sooner?" "Yowza! Yeah, you didn't know I was back here, did you?" Today, I am Kati's achy extremities... but I am also Kati's bolstered self-confidence.