About Me

Hobbies including taking pictures of food and...ahem...tombstones.

Hi. My name is Kate and I'm a food-a-holic. (There are worse things, I suppose.)  I'm also a full time wife to a med student, so I'm working on that whole trophy wife persona.
My husband's first attempt at sushi.
His awesomeness knows no bounds.
I'm a mom of two amazing children born 362 days apart. My son is autistic and so you may encounter my many musings about ASD in everyday life.
My mancub.

Have no idea where she gets the silliness.

I'm also newly finished with my literature degree and funemployed looking for a great job! This is my outlet into the foodie world I enjoy so much, without scarfing down everything I make.
The Fab Four (Foodies)- our favorite couple to eat and drink with!
This is my attempt at altruism and accountability-- to enjoy everything about food, not just the taste-- and to savor life in its entirety.